Extra Tips for Writing an Essay for Students

If you’ve scoured the internet in search for tips on writing essays, only to find that you’ve exhausted all of your resources and haven’t learnt anything that’s really going to help you to cross that finish line then this is for you! If you are sitting their saying ‘Someone please help with my essay!’, then this is definitely for you as well! So many students desperately take to the internet in search of tips in order to improve their writing. It is hard to look for a list of tips that you can really implement in order to gain results. But in this particular list, we are providing you with some tips that you may not have read already. Some of them may sound a bit weird, but trust us when we say that they will all help you to finish your essay to a standard that you can be proud of.

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Food and Drink

What have food and drink got to do with writing an essay? A whole lot! If you trudge to the library or the study area late, you often will skip breakfast in order to make it in on time. This can lead to you feeling hungry and thirsty when you are sitting down and working on your essay. This may not sound like a huge problem, but just try to concentrate when all you can think of is what you want for dinner. This is why you have to ensure that you eat a good breakfast or lunch before you start to write your essay. This will fill you up, and the energy that you absorb from the food will be spent on focusing your brain power on the essay. But you can’t just eat any old thing and expect to reap the benefits of sustenance! Make sure what you eat is something healthy and nutritious! Don’t start the day with chocolate bars and crisps as that will not benefit you at all! Try out some fruit or healthy cereal to wash away that morning hunger.

Get up early

This tip feeds into eating healthily. It is widely proven that people who wake up early and get themselves ready in the morning are often more productive and think more into their long term plans and schemes. This goes for essays too! People who wake up early have more time to focus on what aspects of the essay they need to improve, what dates or quotes they need to include. If you wake up late to work on your essay, you are not giving your brain enough time adjust itself to that studying mode. Getting up early enables you to look at the day, and the time you’ve got a lot more positively and you can really plan to get a lot of stuff done!

Include a multitude of opinions

If you are writing about a historic event or an artistic movement, it can be quite bland if you just simply describe that phenomenon and analyse it a bit. But, you can do something to spice up your essay, to include a different point of view! Find someone who has already written about it, preferably a recognisable writer or famous historian and read carefully what they have had to say on the subject. You will find some really interesting theories and ideas, and a lot of the time when you comment on someone else’s analysis, it further shows to the tutor or examiner that you have understood the subject. This is because you have taken the time to understand, not only the subject at hand, but the large amount of writing surrounding it too. You examiner will see that you have really taken the time to read around the subject and find out every little thing about it, and this will definitely be evidenced in the mark you receive for you essay!

It’s so hard to write an essay sometimes, tips that you know on how to improve your writing skill and work ethic seems so sold. You may already be implementing them and not even know it yet. But have a read through this list of tips and you might find something that you haven’t thought of before. Essay writing is not just about the time where you sit down and start typing or writing, it is how you prepare yourself too. And if you prepare yourself correctly, your writing will be much more impressive, same as if you use a multitude of opinions from known writers and authors!