The experience of using voice chips and modules

At present, the choice of sound module and modules in the market may be selected according to the length of time and function. The following are some experience, and hope that it will be useful for the users who choose the voice chip for the first time.

Considering the length of time: in general, the length of the voice chip (default OTP: one-time) is 10 seconds – 340 seconds. Basically, it is concentrated in a short number of seconds. It has the benefits of clear voice, brief time, low cost, simple creation and boundless amount.

Consequently, it is the primary decision in the item test arrange. The cost of chips available for around 20 seconds is around 3- – 4 yuan; 40 seconds are around 5-6 yuan; 170 seconds are around 10- – 12 yuan. Generally speaking, the sample is made by the manufacturer. When ordering the service, the manufacturer will burn the content to the user and submit it to the user. So users can save some effort. In the event that the voice of the client should be changed consistently, you can purchase an arrangement of developers (additionally called an author, a downloader), and figure out how to make it, and you can make it without anyone else’s input.

The use of voice chips is focused on toys, voice prompts and gifts and so on.
For the voice module, its structure is probably: MCU+ external memory, so its storage capacity will be much larger than the chip. And its storage capacity may be from 10 to 30 minutes, but the price usually varies from 20 yuan –80 yuan, which is several times more than the chip. Moreover, the volume is larger than the chip, and the power consumption is greater as well.
From the functional point of view: voice chip is one-time, its order quantity is unlimited, shipment speed is fast, but there are also disadvantages: cannot repeat many times to write. My company has a number of rewriting modules, such as: WTV-S module, WTV-S1 module, WTV-NOR module, WTM-NOR module, WTM-NAN module, WTM-SD module and so on, some can be replaced by a special roast device to replace the content, some can be directly through the USB mouth to change the voice content, and even can be on the scene. Download the content, update the voice, these powerful functions, greatly enriched the connotation of the voice module, increased its application field, and opened up a new world.

With the further development of smart phones, we can see that the mobile phone market in the future will be highly intelligent, professional, personalized experience and high-end. As an attachment for mobile phones, it is the key to determine whether it can adapt to the development of smart phone and the demand of market change, how to realize its own intelligence, individuation and specialization. The intelligent tendency of speech is a system function that integrates development, experience and sales. It needs continuous improvement, innovation and improvement. For mobile phone burglar alarm, the initial speech intelligent tendency needs to realize three functions:

  1. Friendship tips before the experience: if the customers pick up the phone, there will be voice prompts: respected customers, welcome you, I wish you a pleasant experience.
  2. The reminder function in the experience. For example, the voice prompts: Dear customers, please keep the effective contact of the alarm probe of the burglar alarm.
  3. Thanks function after the end of the experience. Such as the voice prompts: Dear customers, thanks for using. Thank you! Of course, there will also be the alarm and warning sound. In function two, when the customer disconnects the warning probe, there will be the same voice prompt again. And it can be set to alarm after three seconds. As for how to realize the three functions of intelligent speech, I think the biggest difficulty is contact induction. I believe in today’s talent, in the innovation leading market tomorrow, there will be enterprises through their own efforts to overcome the difficulties of voice programming, contact induction and cost pressure, push the intelligent voice phone anti-theft voice alarm to the market, and realize the experience marketing of the smart phone!

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