Education Counsellor for Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad programs are the current way to go to be globally marketable and to advance your career. Nevertheless, getting a chance for admission into abroad institutions and the particular careers to pursue can be daunting tasks to students. Such students can use the services of education counsellor for study abroad programs.4

What is education counselling?

Education counselling is a process that involves provision of impartial and professional advice to students on international higher education institutions as well as course choices based on their academic qualifications and at times job experience. They peg this on the student’s career options, city preferences, budget and other personal preferences. A professional offering this service is referred to as education counsellor.

The need of an education counsellor stems from the fact that most students who wish to pursue careers abroad have very little information on the preferred international higher education institutions and the available course options. The aim of such counselling is to make it as easy as possible for the student to get admission and complete his or her course in the most successful and hassle free way.

Services Provided By an Education Counsellor for Abroad Study Programs

  1. Finding the right study destinations

This is perhaps the most important service provided by education counsellor. These professionals have all the necessary information on the international institutions of higher learning. Depending on the academic needs of the students, they are capable of researching and finding the right institution that offers the desired course and later connecting the students with the institution. The professionals help the student to understand university policies and procedures, develop the right study skills, and make decisions relation to the education processes.

  1. Finding The Best Course

Although most students who wish to study abroad have preferred career paths, often times they have no idea of the course, or combination of courses, that would land him or her on to that career. Education counsellors have all the necessary information with regard to the courses and can offer reliable pieces of advice to students. The professionals research actively, based on the student’s academic qualifications and settle on the best course for the student to pursue. They also advice students on career decision making process, examine students preferences and interests on careers and fill career assessments as well as inventories.

  1. Immigration Support And Services 

Students who need to pursue abroad programs are required to know some of the diplomatic issues between his or her country and that of the destination country. Educational counsellors provide immigration support and services to make the student’s transition as easy as possible. The professionals advise the prospective students on immigration and citizenship rules and regulations, temporary residence visas as well as work permits.

  1. Advise On Personal And Cultural Issues 

An education counsellor for study abroad programs provides prospective international students on several personal issues including how to effectively cope with challenges of the new environment, resolve relationship and personal difficulties, and manage depression and stress associated with the new developments. The professional also helps the student to deal with homesickness and cultural shock and show him or her ways to improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

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