East to West – A Transition to Remote Working

The Global Pandemic had forced many companies to shut down and the employees then had to unwillingly work from home. There is no doubt in the fact that for some people the Work-from-Home policy was really meant to be but, there were some people who were totally not able to adapt to this. Moreover, with such a big transition- from a proper office setting to Remote working– the management had to be loaded with double work and stress.

The authority had the stress of carefully and accurately implying the new policies for remote working or else they knew that the productivity levels would fall down drastically. Moreover, we all know that productivity levels are directly proportional to the good of the company.

To keep a healthy check on the employees of the company and to keep them motivated various Employee Monitoring Software’s were introduced such as – Work Examiner. These are still very helpful to a large number of employers who constantly keep a check on their employees for their well-being.

Duties of a Manager Towards Remote Employees 

  • Interaction is the Key – While the employees are in the office working under the authorities and along with their colleagues, they feel motivated and energetic. However, when they are at home there are high chances that the employees go into a state of procrastination and rest.

Moreover, the productive time for different people is different. Someone might be productive at 2 am at night whereas, someone might be productive at 5 pm in the evening. Therefore, a manager should schedule a staff meeting that is convenient for everyone. Time to Time interactions with the team would help them work efficiently and smoothly.

  • Relocate the resources efficiently – It is very important for a manager to relocate the task and resources accurately. If not relocated accurately, it might lead to the burnout of a great employee and the underload condition of another. One must know that work underload also leads to excessive stress as it makes the employee think that he/she is not capable enough.

Issues faced by Remote Workers

It is quite obvious a fact that the most impact of the entire transition is upon the Remote Workers i.e., the employees of the company. They face several issues, such as: –

  • Declining Productivity – Studies show that once the employees start working from home, they let their discipline slip out and start procrastinating. Outside the office setting, they feel less enthusiastic, and thus, their productivity levels drop. Therefore, the only way to control this is to track your employee’s working time. When you track the working time and see that he/she is not working as they used to you can always motivate them and counsel them. This tracking can be done through Work Examiner.
  • Decreased Involvement of some Employees – The employees who had loved the idea of working in office settings undergo a drastic change when it comes to remote working. The sense of being alone and in isolation dominates them and thus, they move towards less involvement in team and conversations.

The best way to mend this is to organize time-to-time video calls, videoconferences, or a WhatsApp chat full of emoticons and stickers to make them feel good.

 Always remember, that every person who is onboard your team and has agreed to work with you is equally important. Keep everyone motivated and you will reach heights!