E-reputation: the importance of communication

A company with a good e-reputation benefits from a positive brand image. It is part of a virtuous circle where its daily activity brings new business. But when a company enters a crisis situation, it is often very difficult to recover. But it is not impossible! E-reputation tools and local communication strategies offer the opportunity to make your customers’ opinions a real sales factor. For more information on Google reviews see this article.

What is e-reputation?

Your online reputation is built by the publications that appear on the Web. Each new statement shapes your online image.

The channels of e-reputation

Today, an online reputation has direct consequences on business development. Did you know that in France, 46% of the queries on Google concern the search for information about a product or a service? We can even go so far as to say that e-reputation is only the materialization of your real reputation. Measurable thanks to powerful survey and monitoring tools, e-reputation is an indicator of success that you can use to your advantage. You want to know your e-reputation, take a test!

Convey a good image of yourself

Having a clear and formalized strategy is essential. The foundation of your brand allows you to engage your audience in conversation.

Your brand, your image, your reputation

You need to address them in a consistent manner. Your customers are exposed to multiple messages in a single day. Use the codes that allow them to recognize your brand. Increase your brand awareness!

  • Do you adopt an institutional and serious tone?
  • Are you a casual brand targeting a young audience?
  • Do you want to address a certain social category?
  • Does your brand have any highlights you don’t want to miss?

Each of the questions you ask yourself to define the foundations of your brand guides your communication and e-reputation strategy.

Definition of an action plan

Working on your communication and e-reputation involves planning a set of measured actions. Choose the moments to broadcast your messages according to the specific highlights of your company and your market.

If an annual event you attend is one of your assets, talk about it! Likewise, simply analyze when your online audience is most exposed so you can capitalize on those moments. Just check your Analytics tools!

Monitor and maintain your image

You invest time and money in creating a positive brand image. It is without a doubt one of the primary factors in retaining your customers. They only talk about you positively, and you intend to take advantage of this phenomenon.

According to a BrigtLocal study, 88% of consumers trust a web review as much as a recommendation from a loved one.

Analyze the right performance indicators

E-reputation is measured both quantitatively and qualitatively. The frequency of publications and the overall rating that you post on recommendation platforms have a strong impact. But you should not underestimate a single negative message… which could be relayed en masse! The biggest fear of any company is bad buzz, and crisis management requires you to react extremely quickly.

Be as responsive as possible

Managing a company’s e-reputation is time consuming. This task is all the more time-consuming as the follow-up must be done continuously. Internet users do not wait when they want to express their dissatisfaction online! The solidarity effect contributes to the fact that a single bad recommendation can poison your entire image. By entrusting your e-reputation to a communication agency, you concentrate on your core business. The agency’s experts define your strategy and action plan. They are your eyes on the Web.

The monitoring done by a digital marketing agency allows it to be always up to date in terms of methodology. Saving time and using adapted tools, an agency brings a real added value to brands. It is a precious expertise.