Different Types of Automatic Doors


The automatic doors offer home security levels and comfort that manual doors don’t provide. Although maintenance may seem more complicated, if we entrust it to the companies that install them, you can be sure that you will always have a door in ideal operating conditions, without the owner having to worry about it.

The installation of automatic garage doors is quite frequent in many countries today, especially single-family homes, basically for its convenience, because it’s closing and opening through remote control prevents us from having to get out of the car.

But, also, they offer a high level of security. Some systems also incorporate protection against opening with a lever that causes the automatic door entry to remain stopped on the rail, in the event of a power failure.

Brief Description of the Types of Automatic Doors

For example, in the case of sliding doors, regardless of whether they are installed in garages or even accesses to different rooms of a house, they incorporate protective equipment against obstacles that may be in the path of opening or closing the door. Sliding doors are much safer than other types of automatic doors.

On the other hand, we have folding doors, which are very common for access to the farms, while the slides are mostly indicated for when the gap to be covered by the door is quite extensive, or will go to make frequent use of it. The overhead doors are used to gain space and are usually one or two sheets, which are folded on top of each other.

The best optimization of space is achieved by rolling since when they are open, the door is stored in a drum; and the sectionals, are composed of different panels that join when the door is opened.

Do you have an automatic door in your home now?