Details of Real Estate Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is the gateway to the large, lucrative Asian market. Many multinational companies have their office in this island city to gain a foothold of the Asian market. With a booming economy and increasing, population the cost of accommodation is rising.8, 769 residential projects were commenced in 2018, which was 6,020 in 2017 and 7,877 in 2016. The government is taking measures to stabilize the real estate price through various means. Despite the actions taken by the government from 5th July 2018, property-priced stayed resilient. Sales of residential property rose 16% in the first quarter of 2019 compared to that of last year.

Job opportunities

The housing policy of Singapore sounds stable to provide sustainable growth in this sector. Real Estate Jobs in Singapore offers a lot of opportunities if you are a civil engineer. Your role in real estate is of paramount importance which begins from planning, designing, supervising construction, and maintenance of buildings. Infrastructures like roads, railways, bridges, airports, harbor, dams, irrigation projects give you job opportunities. Exorbitant real estate price has put pressure on the government to provide reasonable housing projects with health care and education. The upcoming and ongoing housing projects offer a lot of job opportunities in this sector.

Great policies

With sound government policy and scarcity of viable land, the downside of real estate prices is unlikely. The industrial and commercial property price is skyrocketing, even with cooling off measures. Industrial property transactions climbed 73% to 1.2 billion $, while office deals increased by 54% to 2.1 billion $. Property price depends on many factors but principally on market trends. Sometimes there is a buyer`s market, and sometimes it becomes the seller`s market much depend on which side you are.

The Ideas

Many innovative ideas are coming in real estate; many developers are using the rooftop as a source of renewable energy. Hybrid rooftop solar panels with an expected lifetime of 15 years are a great source of renewable energy. These products can withstand a storm with a speed of 200k.m. per hour. Rooftop rainwater harvesting is another innovative idea to save water. Rainwater is confined in a rooftop and stored in the reservoir.

Real estate is one of the safest means of investment as the phrase goes “as safe as houses.” It is considered to be a risk-free and best hedge for inflation. As the population is growing at a tremendous rate of land is becoming scarce. With the technical advancement, there is better utilization of soil.