Crucial tips to improve concentration in studies

Studying is not always one of the best activities we need to do. Our brain cooperates in concentration in a virtual game, but is easily distracted when looking at a study book. The solution to this impasse may lie in the organization and development of study strategies to train our brains to be faithful. A concentrated study can save time and generate more satisfactory and quality results, regardless of the number of hours of study per day.

Gathering general knowledge and reading current affairs is the way to enhance concentration level as they help us to get out of our boredom. Read Whispers Cabins for current affairs and world news.

Read, but also write

The study done only through reading is not so efficient. The student can easily find himself distracted through the pages. So write, make outlines, transcribe important parts and organize summaries. The writer is able to assimilate the content better and keep it in mind longer.

Write by hand

With people fully adapted to computer keyboards, handwriting can sound a little archaic or even a little lazy. However, studies show that as a person writes, a line of reasoning is formed and the attention to what is written is much greater than if he were typing.

Keep out interference

The time of study should be sacred, so keep everything that can get your attention and divert your focus. If possible, unplug or keep phone on silent, close web pages outside the study content and turn off the television. Separate only the study material and focus on it.

Study alone

Studying in a group may seem interesting in the sense of sharing knowledge, but, it is better for the student to choose to perform the activity alone. After all, with friends, the study can be blurred by parallel conversations, and the quality of learning is impaired. For teachers, a good idea is to explain the subject to yourself, as if you were teaching a class. Studying in a place where things are messed up can take away your concentration.

The mere fact of having to look for a pen can already divert your attention to other things. It is useless to study a whole schedule and only at the end carry out the review. The student must practice continuous review process. To get better understanding of the topic, it is mandatory to review the study materials on the same session.

Make a study schedule and respect your time

It is extremely essential that the student draws up a study schedule and that this schedule meets his or her pace of study. Studying with time and content organization can be more efficient and generate good results. The random study causes distraction since a routine is not followed, and the brain ends up seeing something different every day. It is important to respect your study time. You’d better study three hours a day with a lot of concentration than six hours without proper attention.

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