Cracking Your CBSE Class 10 Is Now Easy

As the CBSE exams are now happening there was some good news for the CBSE students, as well. The board had earlier announced plans to relax the passing percentage for the class 10 students. It is seen that most of the students who did the exams previous year were absolved from the need for a separate pass criteria for the internal assessment and board exams. This is now applicable for class 10 students of 2019 onwards as well.

Passing Marks for CBSE Exams

The passing percentage applicable for both the internal assessment and the boards together will be 33%. At the same time, if a person is absent for an internal assessment exam mark will be considered as zero and total marks computed, accordingly. While this might seem as a boon for the students, for a student who wishes to score good marks for the boards and the competitive exams, the preparations will have to be very exhaustive.

Why Prepare Hard for CBSE Class 10 Exams?

For the year 2018, you will see that the CBSE 10th result stands at a pass percentage of 86.70%, with about 4 students scoring 499 out of 500 marks. Girls seem to have done better than boys by 3.35%.

Total Pass Percentage Girl’s Pass Percentage Boy’s Pass Percentage
                  86.70%           88.67%            85.32%

These students are those who prepared ahead for the CBSE exams, taking into account the fact that Class 10 is an important turning point of their lives.

How To Prepare for CBSE Class 10 Boards?

Students who learn from the CBSE books find it easier to score high for the exams, as they give the students accurate and correct information.

  • Refer to previous year question papers
  • Get regular practice and assess one’s performance
  • Have an organized study plan
  • Make a time -table for studies
  • Focus on the goal and study accordingly
  • Make notes and refer back to them during study time
  • Solve important questions and solution books
  • Refer to school textbooks
  • Make charts to remember important dates and refer to it often

So students need to buckle up and prepare for the first board exams ever. They can make use of very exhaustive list of resource to prepare well. There are Previous Year Question Papers, Model Papers, Important Questions, NCERT BOOKS, Additional Reference Books and Study Material and so on.

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