How to crack IBPS PO Exam in 3 months?

The examination for IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after ones in India as it gives you a highly prestigious designation to follow. If you are an aspirant for jobs in the banking sector, then IBPS PO is one exam that you really look forward to and prepare hard for. The pay scale, perks, work culture, and benefits that you can avail subsequently naturally make the exam a highly competitive one. Though the preparation needs to start at the earliest, it is never too late to start preparing to achieve your goal. If you work diligently for three months prior to the exam, you still have a very good chance of cracking the exam. The following tricks and tips can come in handy for you. (Check out to know about IBPS PO)

Separate and set targets

Instead of thinking of the syllabus as a whole, start planning in parts. So, the first thing that you need to do is break down the study plan for the entire syllabus into weeks and then days. This will help you in setting up a target that you need to achieve on each day. Tackling the whole syllabus at one go might feel like a little too overwhelming. However, you need to make sure that you complete the target that you set for each day or else the work will just keep on piling up.

Identify your weak areas

At the earliest, you need to analyze the areas in which you are weak. Your chances of improvement will increase manifold once you are able to identify the areas in which you are weak. You can start this analysis by taking up topics from each section and trying to finish it within the stipulated time. This way you will understand the areas where you are having a hard time, and you give more effort in those areas.

Learn tricks and shortcuts

You get very limited timeto solve each question in the IBPS PO exam. Thus, learning the shortcut tricks to get the correct answers quickly is very important. It will help you to solve more questions in a short duration of time, and that will have a positive impact on your scores. Learn the tricks and write them up in a notebook to remember them clearly.

Practice to enhance accuracy and speed

Just getting the answers correct is not enough for IBPS PO exam. You need to get answers correct within a stipulated time. Keep in mind that you need to solve 100/200 questions within one/two hours respectively. So, when you sit for the mock tests or quizzes, try to complete the paper within the exact time that you will get during the exams.

Emphasize on general knowledge and English

These are the two sections that take up theleast amount of time as compared to the other parts of the exam. But it is seen that most of the times, the candidates are so engrossed in completing their preparation for quantitative aptitude that they forget to pay attention to English and GK. Even if you are a bit weak in quantitative aptitude, you can have the edge over the other candidates by brushing up on your GK and English skills.

These top five tips are expected to be super useful to you if you want to complete the preparations within three months. Do not fret and worry and get to work at the earliest.