Common Mistakes Undergraduates Will Make

You have gained admission to the degree course of your choice. Fresher’s week is over and everything is still very confusing. There is a bewildering number of compulsory modules to attend, often taught through formal lectures in very crowded lecture theatres. You have a lot of reading to do before and after each class but you can never find the books in the library and there is plenty of furious note taking. Then there are all those written assignments to complete, one for each module, so you feel overwhelmed by the number of essays you have to submit by the end of term, all with bibliographies and footnotes. You have never written in such a way before and feel very lost.

There are a number of mistakes undergraduates often make, ending up feeling quite daunted and unsure about themselves but they all boil down to a fundamental lack of organisation and planning.Image result for Common Mistakes Undergraduates Will Make

So, here is a list of things you need to do in order to avoid those common mistakes.

  1. Always gather all the module booklets and study the module requirements and assessments very carefully, well in advance of submission. Don’t hesitate to ask your tutors for clarifications on what is expected of you to pass your module successfully.
  2. Always make sure you don’t miss out on all the handouts, power points and reading lists your tutors distribute. They are usually available on Moodle (also known as Blackboard) and if they are not, do remind your tutors to make them available.
  3. Also remind your tutors to make sure several copies of an important textbook should be kept in the library, and  copies of essential chapters should be given out in .pdf  on Moodle or it will be difficult for you to write your end of term assignment.
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