Choosing the Best Kind of Playground Equipment

The debates around the education world are widespread and very passionate. Nearly everyone who is involved in the theory of pedagogy has a strong opinion about some of the best practices for educating children, and those ideas are oftentimes at odds with one another. This leads to a great amount of debate in education circles. However, there is one area in which nearly every educator agrees. Children need time to play.

Whether that play comes in the form of a physical education class, or a less-structured recess, children need to be able to spend time exercising. At least thirty minutes of play per day help boost their moods and break the monotony of the day. Also, children can collect a lot of nervous energy throughout the course of a school day. They need some way to shed that energy. It makes them better students and better classmates. That’s why you should invest in great playground equipment.

Invest in Equipment

Investing in great school playground equipment means that you will be able to provide your children with a safe environment for play. The sort of play that goes on in playgrounds tends to be less structured than a physical education class. Since it is less structured, the children are more able to engage their imaginations and flex their creative muscles, which is great for their emotional and physical development. However, you have to be careful because they are also prone to getting hurt.

Hurting yourself as a child is an important part of growing up. Children need to learn their limits and recognise different types of barriers. However, you don’t want them to experience any lasting pain. That’s why you need to invest in great equipment. Low-quality equipment is unsafe for several reasons. Oftentimes, it is made of materials that degrade or decay and become dangerous. For example, an improperly maintained metal swing set can rust and become dangerous.

Timber as a Building Material

Timber is one of the best building materials for your playground. Since it is made of renewable resources, it contributes less to climate change. Also, it can be easily maintained. As long as you keep a coat of sealant over the wooden structure, it should last indefinitely. You might need to reapply the wood finish occasionally, but this is no more difficult than painting it. Furthermore, wood can be repurposed very quickly. If you need to revitalise the equipment, you can sand it down and repaint it in an afternoon. Children will have a great time painting the structures as well as playing on them.

Timber is a great building material because it is natural, versatile, and safe. The safety of your children is obviously the highest priority for any educator. The education debates around the world have all come to the agreement that children need to play daily. They need safe places where they can explore the world, and develop physically as well as mentally. A quality timber play structure is the best way to accomplish that, and you should invest in great equipment.