Budget-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Spending Christmas with toddlers is such an enjoyable experience. Since these are the first Christmases that they’ll remember, it’s the perfect time to introduce them to the joys of the winter season. However, the most wonderful time of the year also requires some wonderful presents. 

Finding ideas for Christmas gifts for toddlers can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. But don’t panic just yet, as we’ve listed some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for toddlers below. 

What Things Make The Best Gifts For Toddlers? 

The best Christmas gifts for toddlers will ideally make them feel loved at this special time, teach them about the spirit of Christmas, be useful enough to make it to next year, and of course, will be something that they want or have asked for. 

Speak to your toddler or their parents about whether there’s anything they need, so your gift will be both thoughtful and practical. Even if your toddler doesn’t want anything in particular, finding out about what puts a smile on their face can give you some great ideas. 

In general, these are some types of gifts that tick all the boxes for a toddlers Christmas present: 

Learning materials – For useful Christmas gifts that combine education and entertainment, fun learning materials like flashcards and picture books are a great choice. You could even download some resources and create your own pack from the kids cartoons website, Everything’s Rosie. 

Arts and crafts – Stationary, colouring books, paints and crayons are a great way to get the whole family involved with Christmas gifts. Larger art sets are a little more expensive, but they can double up as a single present for a few siblings. 

Fluffy friends – You can’t go wrong with a new teddy to add to your toddler’s collection. You can also get your toddler involved with creating their newest furry friend, by visiting shops such as Build-a-Bear. 

Personalised gifts – To commemorate this special occasion, you can get your gifts embroidered or engraved with your toddler’s name and the year, so they’ll never forget this special time. 

Still Stuck For Gift Ideas?

If you’re really out to wow your toddler, here are some of our favourite Christmas gifts that are sure to make this Christmas one to remember. 

1. Play Doh – £10 – £50 

A tried and tested classic, play-doh is a tactile toy that will last for years to come. There are multiple sets available, so you don’t need to break the bank to give this gift. 

2. Temporary Tattoos – Under £5

These cute and cool gifts can make toddlers feel super mature, and the best part is they wash off at bath time. As a budget gift for toddlers, temporary tattoos are sure to impress. 

3. Backpacks – Under £15 

Toddlers are usually about to start school or head to nursery each day. Your gift can make back to school a stylish affair with a brand-new backpack. There is a range of styles available to suit your toddler. 

4. Sweet Treats – Under £10 

Some yummy sweets are sure to get you in a toddler’s good books. Just be sure to check with parents whether they’re happy for their child to receive sweets as gifts, and to make sure your toddler doesn’t have an allergy. 

5. Sports Sets – £10 – £30 

Even though the cold winter months don’t mix well with outdoor play, you can help make next summer a blast with some sports sets. Bouncy balls, swing ball sets, and play parachutes are all toddler-friendly sports items.