Best Academic Paper Topic Ideas for Medical Students

Studying medicine is becoming a popular choice and there seems to be more opportunities right now. Finding a good topic for your paper can be challenging because you want it to be interesting and add value. It might seem easy at first, but the topic is what makes or breaks a good paper. Some students scratch their heads on what will represent them well. You want to choose a topic that you are passionate about and that you know will earn you a high score.

Even with efficient research, the options can confuse you even more. It is important to be unique in what you write about in the medical field. You can find a nursing capstone paper online service if the whole idea seems like too much pressure. A lot of these services will write your paper for you, but probably need you to decide on the topic. The list below will give you some guidance when deciding on the best academic paper topics and make life a little easier.

Modern illnesses

We can all discuss and choose topics that have been covered many times, or we can go for something current. Discussing modern illnesses shows that you are up to date with what is happening right now and puts you right there on the edge. In our modern times, there has been an increase in illnesses that are specific to our current environments. It should be easy to write about because it is current and you have probably had some experience in regarding it.


Choosing a topic that is relevant to a specific struggle is important. Obesity is a global issue and there seem to be some stigma attached to it. The people struggling with this issue can sometimes feel like there’s hardly any attention paid to it. Now, it is a great opportunity for you to give your medical view in the form of your academic paper. If you look at some medical research paper topics you will likely find this as one of the best options. You can research the cause as well as the solution and use that as the foundation of your paper.


If you would like to write about a controversial topic, this one is for you. There is a lot of talk about the pros and cons of vaccinating. Some people believe that it is better to not vaccinate, while others are just not willing to risk it. No one can decide for sure what the best option is, so this is an avenue that you might want to try. Doctors believe that not vaccinating is high risk for kids, but parents aren’t so sure anymore. Go back to where the doubt started and then give your view on why it is important or unnecessary.


People suffer from anxiety more in our modern times, or perhaps they are just more willing to talk about it now. This topic is necessary and it will show that mental health is just as important as physical health. Showcasing the link between the brain and the rest of the body’s health is important. Why is there an increase in the amount of people suffering from anxiety? Look at some nursing research questions to find some information. You can also be more specific and discuss social anxiety or isolation due to the disease.


This is still a great topic and although it is common, a lot of developments are taking place. You want to give your paper the foundation of what the disease entails, but your main focus should be on the medical process being made. You can talk about the social aspects of having AIDS as well as the availability of medication. People are living full lives with AIDS and there is no reason why they should be discriminated against.


Controversial topics are always great because there is usually good reasons for it. Understanding that your paper can make a difference and add value is really what the aim is for many. You do not want to cover a topic that just gets you by and ends in an average paper. There is nothing to fear when you go a little outside of the box.