The Benefits of Sending Young Children to Nursery and Factors that Affect the Cost

 Being a parent is no simple task, and one of the hardest things you need to do is organise care for them when you need to work or run errands. Of course, you could hire a professional childminder for your little ones, and they may be able to bond and enjoy spending time with each other. However, for a wide variety of reasons, it’s often a better idea to send your kids to nurseries that accommodate children as young as six weeks old, especially when you consider the fact that there is very little difference in price between the two care options.

In Britain, the average cost of a childminder for 25 hours a week for a child under the age of two is £109.84 while the average cost at a nursery is £116.25. For 50 hours a week for a child under the age of two, a childminder averages £212.86 while a nursery averages £222.36. However, it’s possible to find cheaper day care prices in Nottingham if you search diligently, and some of the most affordable nurseries still offer excellent facilities and hire professionals who are trained to the highest industry standards. To help you understand why many parents choose to pay a little more for a nursery, we’ve detailed the top benefits of nurseries below.

The Benefits of Nurseries for Youngsters

With the difference in price between nurseries and professional childminders being almost negligible, it’s difficult to decide which is the best option for your child. Here are a few reasons why so many parents to decide to go with the nursery option.

  • Improve your child’s social skills – It’s crucial for children to learn how to make friends from a young age so that they can progress through education happily and get the most out of school. The best nurseries make it a priority to give your child the social skills they need to grow up into a happy adult, and it’s difficult to get the same kind of experience by hiring a childminder.
  • Develop your child’s education from a young age – Many childminders exist specifically to take great care of your child, and while they may do a fantastic job, some parents want their child’s care to be education-based from a young age. Some nurseries accommodate children as young as six weeks old, and they have the expertise and facilities to get them learning the skills they need to succeed when they reach school.
  • Physical development – It’s not only mental development that nurseries can assist with – they also have the facilities to ensure your child can remain active and healthy. If you want to know that your child’s health is being looked after when you’re not around, sending them to a nursery is a good idea.

Finding the Right Nursery

As long as you find a nursery that only hires trained professionals in child care and boasts excellent facilities for an affordable price, you can feel confident your little one is getting a fair chance in life due to the benefits listed above.