Benefits of Online Sterile Processing Technician School

Many sterile processing departments (SPDs) are found below ground in the basements of hospitals and other medical facilities. Despite this factor, many sterile processing techs greatly enjoy their no-window, no-sunlight role within the healthcare field. Money aside, many of them choose to stay within their role instead of seeking managerial or supervisory positions. Why? Because they enjoy the hands-on task of sterilizing medical instruments. Instead of spending their time on the dreaded administrative tasks of taking inventory, creating employee schedules, and writing reports, they get to spend their time “in the trenches” with other sterile processing technicians, which often translates into great comradery among coworkers. More so, it’s the supervisors who are called in during a 3 a.m. crisis. The technicians, on the other hand, have more time to create a life outside of work.

Want to earn a certificate to become a sterile processing tech? If so, it’s important to prepare yourself for the sterile processing technician school you choose for your studies.

Short Program

The sterile processing technician school program at Ashworth College is its short duration of only four months. But even more of an advantage stems from the fact that you can stretch your studies over the course of a year. This is especially ideal for those who are balancing a life outside of their schoolwork.

Continue Your Studies

Another advantage of the sterile processing technician school program at Ashworth College is that you can easily extend your studies into other related fields, including medical billing, medical office assistant, or social services assistant, depending on your interests.

Continuing Career Guidance

Once you have completed your studies through the sterile processing technician school program at Ashworth College, you can lean on valuable career guidance through your accounts on the Ashworth EDGE. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance to help you with the creation of your resume, cover letter, and more. The tools available through Ashworth EDGE can help you leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

Covers the Cost of Your Certification Exam

Lastly, the Ashworth College sterile processing technician certification prep program includes the fee associated with taking the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) Certification exam.

Start your path to becoming a certified sterile processing technician the right way by preparing yourself for sterile processing technician schools through the Ashworth College sterile processing technician certification prep program.

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