8 Skills That Everyone Should Learn This 2019

New Year, new life, new you, new everything! If you want to spend your spare time wisely once the New Year starts, then consider learning a new skill or two. Why? Because the happiest and most successful people in the world know the value of time, and time well spent is energy spent well. Student experience is very important, not only when in school but also outdoors – thus, it’s essential to have your kids learn new skills with the help of their experiences. But what are the things that are worth knowing and learning? We’ve gathered ten of the best skills you need to start learning this year, so get your noted ready and enjoy!

Speed Reading

We already know that reading is an essential skill everyone needs to have sooner than later. But, did you know that speed learning is also a necessary thing to learn? We are not just talking about the ability to read fast, but also the ability to understand what you’re reading in record time.

By speed reading and understanding the written words, you get to save time and accomplish more tasks. By learning how to read and understand what you’re reading fast, you get to improve your reading and comprehension skills and boost memory retention to save time and energy spent on many activities.


They say drawing is a skill everyone is born with, but not everyone is an expert at. With enough practice, patience, and determination, you can learn how to draw in no time. But why would you spend precious time learning this skill? There are many reasons why.

One, it lets your creative side shine. Two, it enables you to express yourself effectively. Lastly, one can consider drawings as an excellent way to communicate. It won’t matter what language you understand and where you are born. When you draw a thing, event or scenario, people will most likely understand even with language barriers.


Home-cooked meals are a better choice compared to restaurants and fast foods. By knowing what exactly you feed yourself, you can start living a healthier life. Plus, learning how to cook, will give yourself me-time, or you can even use this to bond with your family and friends.

Another reason to learn how to cook is that it is one activity that can impress your family and guests and they will appreciate the effort you put in on every dish. You also get to save more money by making delicious meals. Did you know that you can even earn once you learn how to cook? If you’re able to whip up a lovely recipe and use your marketing skills and creativity, you can also sell what you make.

A New Language

You may think that just because you have no immediate plans on traveling to another country that doesn’t speak your native tongue, there’s no point in learning a new language. However, having the ability to speak in another lingo will let you enjoy tons of benefits.

For example, taking Chinese Language Classes enables you not only to read, write and converse in the language used by millions of people all around the world but to learn about their culture, history, and tradition. Learning a new language helps boost brain stimulation, power, memory, improve math skills, socialization skills and even your artistic skills. You can also use this to make friends in the future or even do business with billions of people around the world.

CPR, Heimlich Maneuver and First Aid Procedures

Surprised these three came into the list? These things can help you in emergencies that require not just any skill but the required knowledge and execution to make it work. You’d be surprised how common medical situations such as choking and minor injuries are these days. By learning what exactly you need to do in such circumstances, you can remain calm and perform what needs to be done to help someone or even save their life.

First aid is an essential skill everyone needs to learn for accidents can happen no matter the person, time and date. Heimlich Maneuver is what you need to do in case someone is choking in your presence. And in the event, you find someone who’s not breathing, and their heart is not beating, it may be time to perform the procedures you learn to do CPR.


Everyone should learn how to swim, even if you have no pools or even if you don’t live near bodies of water. Swimming offers tons of benefits, like keeping your heart and lungs in tip-top shape, maintaining tone muscles and a healthy weight, and even a way to improve medical conditions and recover from illness or injury.

Another reason why you need to learn how to swim is that you can use this in case of emergencies. Like when you find someone struggling to swim or is drowning, you can use your swimming skills to put you and that person to safety.

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Basic Home Repairs

That’s right, everyone who is of legal age should somehow find a way how to do necessary home repairs. This is especially true for recently-turned adults and people living on their own. You may not have the luxury of time and the skills required to do major repairs, but knowing a thing or two on how to keep your home in tip top shape is an excellent ability to have.

Another reason to learn how to do basic home repairs is that having someone like a handyman do the work for you can be costly and time-consuming. You can just Do-It-Yourself and save cash while learning from the experience.

Basic Car Repair and Maintenance

Got a car or are you always on the road? Then you need to learn how to maintain your vehicle and do minor repairs. If you’re a driver, you’ll soon discover the importance of learning the basics concerning your car, maintenance, and repair.

You get to save your precious time and hard-earned money by doing regular maintenance and car repair. And in times of emergency, you’ll have an idea or two on what to check to try and see if you can make your vehicle work and run smoothly again.