5 Essential Items to Bring to a Job Interview

Job interviews aren’t for the weak and the meek. On interview day, you have to bring your ‘A’ game to show employers why you’re the best candidate for the position.

Usually, the time allotted for the interview isn’t long enough for an employer to truly get to know you as a candidate. There are other soft skills you’ll need to demonstrate on interview day in order to stand out from the herd.

One of those skills is organization. Here are 5 essential items to bring to a job interview to show your organizational skills. 

1. Resume Copies

The first thing you need to bring to your interview is copies of your resume. Make sure your resume is formatted in a way that’s easy for employers to read.

Keeping a standard resume format allows employers to quickly find information without getting lost. You don’t want any of your accolades overlooked because the interviewer couldn’t read the font.

Five copies is a good amount to bring since you don’t know whether you’re being interviewed by one person or a group. 

2. Notepad

You’re not going to a job interview simply to put on a good show. You also want to learn more about the employer.

Do your research on the company ahead of time so you have strong questions to ask during the interview. 

Take notes while the employer responds to show your attentiveness.

3. Parking Information

Any small logistical details that can delay your arrival to your interview need to be sorted in advance of interview day. For example, parking information, security check-in, suite number, etc. are all great to have before you arrive for a job interview.

Getting lost or having to wait at security isn’t a good excuse for tardiness. Remember, you’re being graded on more than what your resume says.

Employers want the top candidates who can demonstrate their best skills. The only way for you to do this beyond sending your resume is how you handle the job interview. 

4. References

Be ready to present your potential employer with references. Provide professional contacts when possible or click for more.

Professional contacts, especially past supervisors, are an essential resource for interviewers. They can get information quickly on how well you work and your best skill sets. 

5. Enthusiasm

Interviewing candidates for a job is boring. Consider all the candidates before you coming in and reciting the same information over and over again.

You all likely have similar skills and past employers. One thing you can bring on interview day that your competitors might overlook is enthusiasm.

Your resume might be boring but your personality doesn’t have to be. Focus your attention on your favorite projects from you past job.

These are the projects you’ll discuss with the most enthusiasm during your interview. 

Preparing for Interview Day 

A job interview is like being on stage. You can rehearse much as you like, but once the spotlight is on on interview day, you have to bring your best performance or risk losing your audience.

Make sure you speak with passion about the role to show the interviewers your enthusiasm. Show up early with all your materials in place so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

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