5 Different Counseling Jobs You Can Go to School For

The noblest dream is the dream of helping others. Sometimes it’s the best way to help yourself!

If you are thinking about a career in the helping professions, there are dozens of ways to make a major difference. You can do so by using the superpowers of empathy and active listening. 

If you are seeking a versatile position in which no two days are alike, you might consider going into counseling. Counseling jobs are rewarding and human-centered careers in which you can make a difference every day. There is no limit to the sorts of populations you can help as a counselor! 

Are you curious about the roles that counselors play in the professional world? Read on to learn about five counseling jobs that will fill your need to heal the world! 

1. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

If you want to work with individuals with special needs, you might enjoy the role of a vocational rehabilitation counselor. These professions work to bring practical career skills to disabled populations. You might work as a facilitator between the individual and the employer, or lead mock interviews and resume workshops. 

To become a vocational rehabilitation counselor, you will need to attend a Master’s program accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education. 

2. Family Therapist

If you want to work with families, you might enjoy the role of a family therapist. A family therapist is a counselor who facilitates communication between family members to help them with conflict resolution. You might support a family going through a divorce, or in the aftermath of trauma. 

To become a family therapist, you will need to earn a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

3. Marriage Therapist

If you want to work with couples, you might enjoy the role of a marriage therapist. A marriage therapist works with married couples who may be struggling with cohabitation, mental illness, or conflict resolution.

You might help a couple learn to express themselves, work through infidelity, or come to terms with a mental health diagnosis. To become a marriage therapist, you will need to earn a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

4. Sex Therapist

If you want to work with couples who are experiencing challenges with intimacy, you might enjoy the role of a sex therapist. A sex therapist works with couples who are struggling with intimacy, sexual function, sexual feelings, or trauma. You might help a couple better understand their sexual needs, reach orgasm, or navigate sexual difficulties caused by a diagnosis or disability. 

To become a sex therapist, you will need to hold an advanced clinical degree in psychotherapy and join the AASECT.

5. Substance Abuse Counselor 

If you want to work with individuals struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, you might enjoy the role of a substance abuse counselor.

A substance abuse counselor works with individuals or groups as they navigate the road to sobriety. You might lead group or individual therapy sessions, help support sober individuals following rehab, or provide resources to recovering addicts in the community.

To become a substance abuse counselor, you may only need an associate’s degree in counseling or psychology. You can become certified through a specialized vocational course, such as this program

Rewarding Counseling Jobs for a Rewarding Career

Whether you want to heal families, addiction, or rifts in the bedroom, one of these counseling jobs is for you! Counseling is a varied field with near-infinite opportunities to help others! Your many clients will appreciate your knack for listening and encouraging positive change! 

Still not convinced that counseling is for you? There are so many roles out there for individuals interested in making real change!

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