5 Best Resume Writing Tips for New College Graduates

Did you know that the average corporate recruiter spends only 6 seconds reviewing a resume? An impressive, concise resume is the key to landing your dream job out of college.

Knowing how to write a resume comes with a lot of planning. How do you determine what should be put in the resume, what should be left out, and how to present that information?

Are you a recent or soon-to-be college graduate? Keep reading for the best resume writing tips for those on the job hunt after graduation.

  1. Best Resume Writing Tips: Ignore Fluff

One of the best tips for writing your resume is to ignore padding with ‘fluff’ or general information. With only 6 seconds to impress a recruiter, you need to make sure all the information you provide is crucial.

Try to avoid using buzzwords that anyone can slap down on a piece of paper. This includes terms like ‘hard-working,’ ‘innovative,’ and ‘responsible.’

Instead of including these overused terms, showcase your experience that shows you are what those words describe. For instance, replace the word ‘creative’ with a detailed description of the ways you’ve thought outside of the box.

  1. Link Your Linkedin

One of the best resume writing tips 2020 graduates can benefit from is to link your Linkedin account in your resume. This will be helpful to recruiters when they want a more detailed account of your professional experiences.

Depending on the job you’re going for, linking to other social media sites could help you out. If you’re looking for a job in communications, marketing, or journalism, including your professional Twitter, Instagram, or blog could work in your favor.

  1. Use a Professional Email Address

Around 35 percent of employers take issue with an applicant using an unprofessional email address. Using an email with pop-culture references, inappropriate language, or unprofessional terminology is a red flag for recruiters.

Luckily, creating a new email address takes less than five minutes. One of the best resume writing tips is to use your full name or a variation to show that you’re professional on all platforms.

  1. Include Your GPA

One of the top resume writing tips is to brag about your GPA if it’s at or above a 3.0. If your major GPA is higher than that, showcase it in your resume.

Employers likely won’t care about a lower GPA in minor and general courses. However, a high GPA in a relevant area of emphasis will shine on your resume.

  1. Use Relevant Details

You’ll have to switch up your resume based on the job you apply for. One of the best tips for writing an objective for a resume is to explain the company’s own goals alongside your own.

You can mold your experiences to fit the job description. A free resume builder can help you tailor your resume to showcase your experience that’s relevant to the job.

Get That Job

Now you have some of the best resume writing tips for college graduates. Now it’s time to apply for the job you’ve been working toward for the past few years.

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