4 Reasons to Become a Hairstylist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for hairstylists is at 19%—much faster than average.

They predict up to 119,800 creative individuals will seek licensure from now until 2030.

If these numbers suggest anything, it’s that now is a fantastic time to get into the industry. You’ll be among a blossoming and inclusive group of up-and-coming beauty experts—including barbers, cosmetologists, permanent make-up artists, lash extension technicians, and so many others. 

And that’s only one reason to become a hairstylist. Here are more.

1. Every Day Is an Exercise in Creativity

Perhaps the number-one reason to do anything related to beauty is the chance to be innovative. When it comes to hair, you’re the visionary and the hair is your canvas, allowing you to indulge in your creative side. 

Whether you’re cutting, dying, or styling, you can play around with original ideas. This idea applies even to the more traditional clients, as everyone’s hair is unique, making the process different and interesting each time. 

Sometimes, you’ll even get that unicorn client—the one who’ll let you do whatever you want!

2. Salons Are Hiring Hairstylists at a Record Pace

As we’ve learned by now, a lot more people are entering the industry, which might imply that competition is heating up. And it is, but the job opportunities are still there.

In fact, there are almost as many openings as there are newly licensed hairstylists. The BLS reports a projected 85,300 openings each year until the end of the decade.

That’s due to many reasons—retired or relocated employees, for example—but the bottom line is it’s good news for you.

3. You Can Rent a Chair or Start Your Own Business

Becoming a hair stylist grants you a flexibility that isn’t always possible with other career paths.

As a beginner hairstylist, you’ll likely want to work out of someone else’s salon, whether it’s a chain or a small business. You’ll get to enjoy working alongside fellow artists, there’ll likely be a receptionist who schedules clients, and there’s the added benefit of working for an already established practice. 

Once you’ve learned the ropes, there’s always the option to branch out and open a business of your own, where you can hire beginner hairstylists just like you.

4. Getting Licensed Is a Straightforward and Affordable Process

First, check with your state to see its requirements. Most require you to successfully complete a cosmetology program that’s state-approved. 

Each state has its own Board of Cosmetology, where you can find endless resources as well as the locations of several public and private cosmetology programs. There is no lack of schools that can license you, so you’re free to choose based on factors like budget, location, and education style (in-person vs. online, for example).

Care to Do Hair? Become a Hairstylist!

This career choice is an obvious one for anyone that loves to do style, cut, and color hair.

It’s even more obvious when you consider the above reasons—the ability to be creative at work, the job outlook and availability, the option to work for someone else or yourself, and the inherent need for haircuts! As a hairstylist, every day is an opportunity to change someone’s self-image, form a connection, and make money having fun.

Why wouldn’t you?

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