WHO is CNA? How to become a Certified Nursing Assistant(CNA)?

A CNA is a member of medical profession who performs duties of taking care of patients in presence and guidance of management of registered doctors and nurses. They can also be termed as Nursing Assistants and Patient care assistants.

The CNAs perform various duties based on their work and location. They are widely required at Nursing homes, Hospitals, Day cares, Personal homes and at living facility centers. They often play a role of liaison between Registered Nurse or LPN and patients. As they work closely with the patients, they maintain a strong bond with the patients and gather all important information about patients, which they update to their supervisors or RNs.

The CNA provide essential care to their patients like to help them to eat, dress, monitor their condition, sometimes they do give them their medicines, take temperature but are not allowed to assist in surgeries or help with anesthesia. They play important role in assisting doctors and nurses.

How to become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

Becoming a nursing assistant needs a lot of hard work and patience. Firstly, it is important to understand which Nursing program suits the requirements as there are so many of them available online. Some courses demand minimum high school certificate or GED and some form of postsecondary nursing instruction course. To become a Nursing Assistant there are online courses, schools, community colleges and many more.

Generally, students have to undertake examination for certification. It is not compulsory to have a degree to be a CNA as it prepares students to understand the duties of CNA which can be used in career enhancement later on.

There are various universities who are offering CNA programs but to choose the best one among them is also a challenge. For more information visit this website.